Freddy Fender & Thom Bresh – Mi Amigo

I don’t know how this one slipped by me folks. I’ve always been a fan of Freddy Fender who was a bilingual Tex-Mex artist that had many cross-over hits between pop, country, and the Spanish charts. I’m also a big fan of Thom Bresh one of the worlds foremost Chet Atkins emulators. This video had to have been made a bunch of years ago because neither of them had gray hair. 🙂  It’s an obscure and litle known video but a great example of the 1 voice, 1 guitar theme of this site.

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I live in the northern most region of the Texas Hill Country. I spend a lot of time building websites and blogging about the favorite things in my life. These include but are not limited to- food, wine, travel, lodging, real estate, entertainment, and events in the Texas Hill country.

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